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Geopolitics of Soil (Live Feed)
Map, detritivores (earthworms, springtails, isopods, etc.), soil, plastic bins, LED lights, and compost

Geopolitics of Soil is a durational work which addresses the subject of borders and nations from the perspective of the living earth. A world map replete with discrete colors marking distinct nations and their geopolitical nomenclature is set within a culture of bioactive soil. Over the duration of the work, detritivores, such as earthworms, isopods, and springtails, will feed on the map dissolving a diagram defined by borders, names, and separated polygonal structures into a body of homogenous living earth. As the map slowly decays, seeds from composted material germinate and burst through its surface. This project is streamed as a live feed during the course of the online exhibition hosted at the United Nations.

Re-Connections: In Kinship with Nature