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Earth to Earth
Earth to Earth
Earth, rocks, moss, microfauna (earthworms, springtails, etc.), activated carbon, water, compost, money, glass urn

Earth to Earth is a performative installation consisting of a glass urn which contains a microcosm of decay and regeneration. Within the vessel, earthworms, springtails, and various other detritivores reconstitute decaying organic material into fertile soil. Buried money is consumed alongside the remains of flowers offered in memoriam within the World Trade Center, which exists as both a memorial and a monument to capitalism. Seeds germinating from composted material sprout from the topsoil hinting at regeneration and regrowth in this visualized future.

Earth to Earth was shown at the World Trade Center Oculus for In Nature, Nothing Exists Alone in 2022 curated by Chris Costan and Laziza Rakhimova.

Photo by Laziza Rahkimova