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Earth Bound
Earth Bound
Roselie Bond Window at Goucher College Art Galleries

In Earth Bound at Goucher Art Galleries, I imagined the unique gallery space of the Rosalie Bond Window through a science fiction lens. Inspired by the NASA Clean Air Study and collective dreams of space colonization, this installation envisions the duality of being bound to Earth, our home, while simultaneously searching for an Earth elsewhere in the cosmos. In the installation forms reach for sustenance in various ways finding themselves uprooted, surviving through highly artificial conditions.

Vasculature (2022-24) visualizes an organism reaching for the means to sustain itself. A double-walled vessel contains Sphagnum moss and a reservoir of water, separated by a barrier of glass. Coiled and twisted tubing connects the two sides allowing humid air and condensed water droplets to travel from one end to the other performing a circulatory system.

Cairn (2024) builds a waystone from research texts. A mossy rock sits at the top of the structure, sweating profusely within a helmet-like apparatus as it balances precariously on its accumulated knowledge.

What do you call the world? (2018) suspends five plants in gravity, forcing them to grow in highly artificial conditions toward the magenta glow of modern grow lights. As the sun sets, natural light gives way to harsh fluorescence.